West Seattle



Kelp is my new fake novel. It is the story of a young boy who finds a small family living in a pile of kelp. He befriends them and feeds them, but his cruel father finds out and drama ensues.


8 Mustachioed Men Who Look Similar


Tom Hanks and Ron Howard watch the Curiosity Rover Landing


Frame from New Animation: The Coward’s Name

This is a still from a new pencil animation inspired by Jorge Luis Borges.  It is called The Coward’s Name.  It was drawn with a miniature mechanical pencil from Japan.


Making Allergy to Originality

At the suggestion of my beautiful girlfriend, Amanda Moore, I have taken some pictures of my process and aftermath of said process for making Allergy to Originality.  Of course, while taking pictures I became more interested in the little trinkets hanging on my wall so there are a few pictures of them as well.  

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