Soviet Espionage Gadgets Pt. 1 (Non Covert Cameras)


Spherical Hovel Designs

Constructed at Stefan’s Birthday gathering on Jackson St.


Tentacles in a room without an Aquarium

At Hattie’s Hat while talking about Malcolm Gladwell with Amanda and Tim. Soundtrack for this drawing provided by Alan MIlls. The song is The Squid Jiggin’ Ground. Listen here.


Images for the Old, Weird America Talk

KEXP DJ Greg Vandy will be speaking Thursday night at 7 pm at the Frye Art Museum. Admission is FREE! It is part of the Old, Weird America Exhibit. Greg asked me to draw this map of Harry Smith’s influence on the folk revival and Greil Marcus’ book Invisible Republic/The Old, Weird America.


A New Culinary Tradition For The Moderate To Exorbitantly Wealthy

Audio accompaniment provided by Tom Paley. Listen to Sue Cow right here. You can get the album from Davey.


Lumberjack Pianos

The Lumberjack Piano or The Hammered Dulcimer as its known outside of Michigan, is an instrument with the strings stretched over a trapezoidal sounding board. It is usually set on a stand, at an angle, before the musician, who strikes the strings with mallets. There is a great little book by Nancy Groce called The Hammered Dulcimer in America. It is available at the King County Library- because I just returned it. Listen to Bruce Hutton playing Haste to the Wedding / Harvest Home (medley). It can be found on his awesome 1978 Folkways Album Old Time Music- It’s All Around.

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